Published: 08 October 2019

Centenary of Hall Garth Park

The background to Hall Garth Park is interesting namely:

The Hornsea Golf Club was formed in 1898 and for many years used the area now known as Hall Garth Park as their golf course.

At this time it comprised several parcels of land and on the 11th November 1919 was sold by the widow of Frederick Charles Strickland Constable formerly of Wassand. The purchaser was the Hornsea Urban District Council (HUDC) who paid £4000, which today would be worth well in excess of £200 000. We must consider ourselves fortunate that, all those years ago, local government Councillors were prepared to pay so much money simply for a field to be used for recreation by the public.

Many years later the HUDC was abolished and the District Council was enlarged to cover all of Holderness. Some of the HUDC Councillors transferred and formed the Hornsea Town Council; they had the foresight to claim some of the land for the new Town Council. We are therefore very pleased that our Parks have been retained for the benefit of residents and visitors.

Not all the HUDC owned properties in the Town (mainly large houses with land) were saved. Those that were transferred at the re-organisations of Local Government (1974 and 1994) have been sold to developers and are now modern housing estates to which the community no longer has open access.

The Town Council continues to own the Hall Garth Park allowing it to remain accessible for the enjoyment of all. We may like to welcome any comments about how this centenary can be celebrated.