Published: 04 July 2018

Youth Action Project


Many years ago (in 2000) some children asked a Town Councillor to help them get a skate park and they then worked hard to achieve their aim. This is an example of a youth driven project where the young people organise themselves, decide what is missing in the Town, create an idea and then make it happen. The life skills learnt by those children during the project were significant and prepared them for adulthood.


The skate park project (edition 2) is complete with young people already taking ownership; for example the Youth Club is organising an anti-litter campaign and a group of children are cleaning litter from the skate park. The Hornsea Councillors are of the opinion that the model could be formalised for the advantage of young people. What is proposed is:

o   A small team (11 to 18 years old) is set up and will meet formally in the Town Hall.

o   They will have access to Town Hall facilities and be gently mentored and guided by an adult.

o   Their brief will be to continue the current initiatives, find out what other activities the children want in addition to existing facilities and to explore how this can be achieved.


An open meeting for children and parents is proposed for 7pm Wednesday 18th July in the Hornsea Town Hall. The aim will be for the young people to choose (about) 6 delegates who will represent them with the aim of identifying what is required and then improving Hornsea for young people.


Places will be limited to the space available in the Town Hall and all who wish to attend are invited to email Mrs J Richardson, the Town Clerk at:              prior to the meeting to advise of attendance.