BUDGET 2018/2019

Published: 08 January 2018

At a meeting on 11th December 2017 Hornsea Town Council set its budget and precept for 2018/2019. The precept amount requested from ERYC for 2018/2019 is £379046.00 - no increase on 2017/2018. Although the precept amount requested is the same as last year the Hornsea Town Council contributions to council tax will decrease in real terms due to the additional number of band ‘D’ properties in the town.

In addition to usual business and running costs the Town Council has a busy year ahead – the first project of 2018 will commence in mid January – the redevelopment of Hornsea Skate Park. The Town Council was successful in obtaining various grants totalling £168k to enable the project. An additional grant fund application for £35k has also been approved to redevelop play facilities at Mereside. It is hoped that this project will take place late spring early summer.

Grants from the Tesco “bags of help” scheme have been secured towards an extension of the paving in the Memorial Gardens and to carry out “soft landscaping” works at Elim Gardens.

In addition to these projects the Town Council plans to carry out redecoration of the town hall building – the building will play host to some 7 weddings throughout the year in addition to the many regular bookings. The outside maintenance team will take delivery of a new vehicle early this year and new storage facilities (container) in late spring. Quotations for grass cutting on council property, Hallgarth Park, Edenfield and Southgate Cemeteries, Mereside and Elim Gardens etc, have again been sought this year to ensure continued best value. Investigations into drainage issues at the play area in Hall Garth Park will also be undertaken in conjunction with the skate park redevelopment.

Major capital projects under discussion are toilet provision at first floor level and a noise attenuation system at the town hall building and extension of the roadway at the Edenfield cemetery. A Public Works Loan taken out to fund the redevelopment of the Memorial Gardens reaches maturity in 2018 freeing up additional capital going forward for these and future projects.

In 2017 Hornsea Town Council commissioned a full arboricultural survey of all trees in its ownership. Any necessary work to trees as highlighted in the report continues to be implemented around the town by Town Council staff and contractors.

The second phase renewal of hanging baskets will be completed this year which will see all baskets used being of hard wearing green plastic type.

The Hornsea Youth Club continues to thrive and the Town Council will continue to fund staff provision, however, an application to the East Riding of Yorkshire Council Positive Activities Grant fund will be made as in previous years support the Youth Club budget. A rolling capital fund and a budget to fund election costs in 2019 continue to be maintained.

Details of the full budget for 2018/2019 can be viewed under "TOWN COUNCIL" FINANCIAL INFORMATION/BUDGET" on this site.